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Post  Firene on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:59 pm

Browsing the JP Bright Shadow site, I noticed, they have up to class 3 unlocked. Excited, I went to take a peek and see all the skills and what not, I thought I'd translate them here for you all as well, just in case you wanna change class or are interested in what your chosen class will become. I'm only posting skills for job 2 and 3. You can find job 1 skills on the Gampot website =3

Disclaimer: I've done the best I can translating what I know, the rest was googled, so it's not 100% perfect, but bare with me. Also, this takes awhile so I'll try to get some done each day, if you have any requests let me know, otherwise I'm going in order

1. Knight (Warrior ---> Knight)

Skill Name Level Learned (For skills with multiple levels, it goes from the lvl 1 to the lvl 5 skill) Description
Confusion 60 Turn monster(s) against one another
Shield Knock [I-V] 48-68Ranged attack using a shield
Saint Wind [I-V] 42-62 Seems to be a wind attack. The second sentence suggests it only works on ground enemies
Zwei Sword [I-V] 46-66 Move your sword quickly in a 2-hit attack
Faith Union [I-V] 44-64 Move increases defense of nearby party members
Light Curtain 55 Cover the party with a curtain of light that reduces ALL damage taken over time, but drains the SP of the user
Mind Shield [I-V] 40-60 Buff that sharply lowers attack to dramatically raise defense
Magic Guard [I-V] 42-62 Raises the magic defense of the user
Cut in two 40-60 Sword attack
Holy Peace 60Fully recovers all HP, but can only be used once every 24 hours
Holy Fist [I-V] 40-60 Attack from a distance
Full Moon Slash [I-V] 42-62 AoE sword attack

2. Demon Slayer/Evil Hunter (Warrior ---> Demon Slayer)

Gail Slash 60Some kind of sword move I believe
Dark Power [I-V] 40-60 Sacrifices a large amount of HP to raise attack speed
Zwei Sword 46-66 Move your sword quickly in a 2-hit attack
Death Size 55 Summons a Grim Reaper to do damage, only one use every 10 minutes
Demon Sword [I-V] 42-62 Summon demon into sword to attack
Berserker [I-V] 40-60 Significantly lowers defense to dramatically raise attack
Burst 60 I'm not too sure, but I believe it puts you in overdrive for a full 45 seconds
Last Resort 55The move mentions getting HP MP and SP in exchange for suicide so I assume the user gives his life
Devil's Horn [I-V] 44-64 Increases parties magic attack and attack range
Cut in two 40-60 Sword Attack
Full Moon Slash [I-V] 42-62 AoE sword attack

3. Taoist (Magician ---> Taoist)

Fire Dart [I-V] 40-60 Sends fireball at target
Imagined Body Curse [I-V] 42-62 Magic attack, hits for a maximum damage
Drive Demons Dart [I-V] 42-62 AoE magic attack
Couldn't Translate Sad 55 Based on what I could see, it's some sort of escape move
Poison Dart [I-V] 46-66 Poison a target
Foot Dart [I-V] 46-66 Slows an enemies running speed
Explosive Dart [I-V] 42-62 Ranged magic attack
Divination Dart [I-V] 42-62 Ranged attack
Ice Dart [I-V] 40-60 Ice-element magic attack
Transform [Son Wu Kong] 66 Changes user into the monkey god, increasing range
Transform [Minotaur] 55 Changes user into a minotaur, greatly increasing attack
Curse [I-V] 40-60 Lowers a target's defense greatly

4. Exorcist (Magician ---> Exorcist)

Ice Javelin [I-V] 40-60 Ice magic attack
Energy Bolt [I-V] 49-69 Powerful aura magic attack
Curse 52 Slows down a target's attack speed
Skill Out 54 I believe it prevents the target from using skills
Slow 57 Slows down target's run speed
Soul Energy [I-V] 42-62 Ranged exploding attack
Soul Storm [I-V] 47-67 Seems to be a massive AoE
Fear 50 I believe it immobilizes targets and allows you to escape
Pheonix [I-V] 42-62 Fire-element attack (may be aoe)
Blind 56 Reduce target accuracy
Hell Fire 40-60 Fire-element attack
Transform [Powerful Adamantine] 45 Transform to a super-powered admantine to gain incredible strength
Transform [Acala] 55 Transform into Acala, a symbolistic character in Buddhism
Transform [Skanda] 65 Transform into Skanda, another Buddhist figure (Japanese Wiki suggests sky god?)

5. Healer (Shaman ---> Healer)

Earth Hand [I-V] 42-62 An earth attack that also hampers enemy movement
Air Cutter [I-V] 40-60 Blade-like attack
Area Heal [I-V] 44-64 AoE Heal
Curse Recover 52 Cures curse
Skill Recover 54 Cures seal
Slow Recover 57 Cures Slow
Soul Shield [I-V] 44-64 A shield that reduces enemy magic attack damage for a set time
Chain Heal 55 Seems to be a heal that continually heals and gets weaker the longer it goes on
Heal [I-V] 40-60 Single target heal
Build Up [III-V] 52-62 Raises an ally max HP
Blind Recover 56 Cures blind
Frey Spark [I-V] 46-66 Fire-element attack
Poison Recover 50 Cures Poison
Magic Barrier [I-V] 42-62 Reduces spell damage taken for a set time
Barrier 55 Puts up a barrier for 60 seconds that will absorb a total of 100 damage
Teleport to~ 45~55 Teleport to certain areas, the healer learns 5 different teleport skills, 1 to their home base and others to various locations
Resurrection 3 Revives dead players using requiem stones

6. Illusionist (Shaman ---> Illusionist)
*Disclaimer 2 - Most of the transform skills are from Japanese folklore and are hard to properly translate, so there's a large margin of error in that area

Air Wing [I-V] 40-60 Wind attack
Stone Lance [I-V] 42-62 Earth AoE attack. Causes dizziness (?)
Tornado [I-V] 49-69 Wind AoE (?) attack
Frey Spark [I-V] 46-66 Fire-element attack
Heart Beat 55 I believe it reduces casting time and ability for enemy to disrupt casting of a spell on the user
Teleport to~ 45 & 55 Like healer, Illusionist can teleport, but only to 2 places, Home and Seal Tower
Transform [Anubis] 50 Transform to Anubis to increase magic attack
Transform [Yetti] 55 Transform to a magical yetti to increase defense
Transform [Paradise Tengu (?)] 60 Increase the partie's defense by changing to the Paradise Tengu (Tengu is a Japanese folklore creature often depicted as an human like birds thought to protect nature)
Transform [Armored Spirit] 47 Transform into armored spirit to raise defense (?)
Transform [Crimson Dragon] 65 Change to Crimson Dragon to increase magic attack range
Transform [Fallen Angel] 45Transform to Fallen Angel to increase physical attack
Transform [Archangel] 57Transform into Archangel with superior healing abilities

7. Gunner (Machinist ---> Gunner)

Gold Throw 55 A gold throwing attack, obviously. I believe it does 5% damage of the total amount thrown
Weak Shot [I-V] 46-66 Shooting attack, possibly AoE
Sniper Shot [I-V] 49-69 Attack from a great distance
Doping [I-V] 46-66 Take a potion that increases attack but decreases HP, MP and SP
Trick Hit [I-V] 40-60 An attack that also seems to raise aspd
Volly [I-V] 40-60 AoE arrow attack
Magic Arrow [I-V] 49-69 Arrow Attack
Acid Throwing [I-V] 42-62 Lowers defense by throwing acid
Imbued Ore 55 Monsters may drop ores (?)
Throw Adhesive 44-59 Reduces speed by a set amount
Arrow Blow [I-V] 42-62 Shoot an exploding arrow
Shotgun [I-V] 42-62 Randomly shoots around in a crazy attack

8. Archer (Mechanist ---> Archer)

Gold Throw 55 A gold throwing attack, obviously. I believe it does 5% damage of the total amount thrown
Sky Arrow [I-V] 42-62 Shoots a barrage of arrows into the air (probable AoE)
Star Rain [I-V] 48-68 Ranged arrow attack
Soul Arrow [I-V] 49-69 Charged arrow shot
Charge [I-V] 46-66 Raises damage output of weapon (?)
Pocket Shop 55 Produces the corner shop (I believe it allows the user to buy consumables)
Requiem Stones [I-V] 49-69 Uses requiem stones to attack, causes dizziness
Stage of Self-Effacement (Effacement is to erase) 40-60 I believe it sacrifices some life or stats for a raise in attack speed
Rapid Fire [I-V] 40-60 Fires fast, continuous rounds

Job 3

1. Paladin (Warrior ---> Knight ---> Paladin)

Kudos (?) [I-V] 76-96 Changes your magic to power to attack (?)
God Power [I-V] 72-92 Summons God's power to perform a ranged attack
Sacrifice 75 Revives all party members in range, but sacrifices own life to do so
Shield Stan [I-V] 78-98 Beat the enemies and cause dizziness damage
Shield Barrier 80 Mana is converted into a shield that reduces physical and magic damage
Suuea (Literal kana translation, I couldn't figure out the meaning) [I-V] 72-92 Seems to damage enemies and ignores protecting of allies (?)
Temple Cross [I-V] 70-90 Powerful force attack
Dry Sword [I-V] 76-96 Cut 3 times in a row
Holy Barrier [I-V] 72-92 Increase entire party's defense
Lombardy [I-V] 72-92 Another attack
Barriers of Belief [I-V] 74-94 Raises defense and lowers offense (possibly more to it)
God's Grace 74-94 Summons holy power. The description says this move can not and does not attack, so it's likely a buff
God's Blessing 74 Summon the strength of the heavenly gods to heal yourself
Absolute Defense [I-V] 72-92 Create a defensive wall around yourself (allies?) Completely negates enemy damage
* Belief (The first part I couldn't translate) [I-V] 70-90 Creates magic defense barrier

2. Satan Knight (Warrior ---> Demon Slayer ---> Satan Knight)

Apocalypse 75 Massively cuts down enemy HP. The second part is a bit mysterious and says "The devil king (Lucifer) is disabled/invalid". I'm not too sure what this means
Evasion 85 When this skill is in effect, there's a chance to dodge enemy attacks. However when you do take damage, it's double the norm
Hollow Man (Or to be invisible) 75 While in effect, many monsters can not see you. The second line suggests bosses can still see you.
Vengeance 80 While skill is in effect, may reflect damage back to the enemy
Crazy [I-V] 72-92 A dance of madness with the sword to attack
Star Stab [I-V] 76-96 Traces a deep notch in the enemy to cause massive damage
Stab [I-V] 70-90 Sword attack
Soul Lance 78 Strike that pierces into enemy defenses
Blast Soul 83 A blast attack that fills an entire area (?)
Blood Seed 78-98 Causes damage over time
Penetrate 75 Using the power of nature, damage the enemy in a straight line
(Something) Wake [I-V] 70-90 Raises attack and lowers defense
Devil's Contract [I-V] 72-92 Raises attack speed but lowers max HP
Horn of the Wild [I-V] 74-94 Increases parties attack power
Roar of the Wild 84 Ignore enemy defense when attacking

3. Tianist (Mage ---> Taoist ---> Tianist)

Speed Slow [I-III] 75-95 Slows the current target (?)
Speed Magic 70 Shortens casting time, but consumes more SP and MP
Devil's Mark [I-V] 78-98 Summons demon to do sleep (?) damage to targets in range
Volcano Summon [I-V] 78-98 Fire damage AoE attack
Fire Conversion 75 Forces all attributes to be fire-element
Ice-Cold Call [I-V] 70-90 Summon ice to hurt enemy
Metal Conversion 75 Forces all attributes to be metal-element
Old Mirror [I-V] 78-98 Ranged attack
Control Fencing [I-V] 76-96 Attack that hits multiple times
Corrosion Armor [I-V] 70-90 Reduces enemy defense
Weakening Surgery [I-V] 72-92 Reduce enemy HP or Max HP (?)
Water Conversion 75 Forces all attributes to water-element
Hellfire [I-V] 70-90 Summons a fire and inflicts burn (?)
Ground Conversion 75 Forces all attributes to ground-element
Restraint Surgery (?) 74 Vines tie enemy, making them unable to move or attack
Spirit Poison Summon [I-V] 78-98 Poison damage to enemy
Tied Spirits Summon [I-V] 70-90 Earth damage to an enemy
Transformation [El Kama] 85 Transform into El Kama, the god who sees, an archangel. Appears to be a figure in Japanese Christianity.
Transformation [Fenrir] 80 Transform into the Norse monster, which takes the form of a giant wolf
Wood Conversion 75 Forces all attributes to wood-element
Summon Thunder [I-V] 72-92 Lightning damage to enemy

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Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations Empty Re: Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations

Post  Kakashi on Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:43 pm

Thx 4 the info also classes go from lv10--->first job lv40--->2nd job
you don't choose your 3rd jobs, so watever u pick 4 u 2nd job it just added skills in 3rd job.

P.S. here what the mobs to get pets from bright-shadow.wetpaint.com/page/Pets

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Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations Empty Re: Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations

Post  Firene on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:39 pm

Yeah I know that, saw yesterday on the JP site, it has all the class trees and what not, I also assumed that when the English forums had a post about how Illusionist goes to summoner. I'll still post up the skills you learn at the third job though, because they're different and interesting =3

And omg is that an elephant pet? Does want the one named Pao-Pao.

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Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations Empty Re: Japanese Bright Shadow Skill Translations

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