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Post  Sandry on Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:38 pm

This is something Kooh coaxed me into doing, it's quite silly but fun, would be nice if others could do one too 8D

Basic Information.
Name: Sandry (she will also respond to San, Sand, Sandy, Sammich, SanSan)
Age: It's not polite to ask a lady her age.
Weight: Nor her weight either.
Height: 5'3"
Your Sandry unit will come with the following:
One set of doctors robes. One True Platnium Needle. One Holy Golden Wand. One set of Light Armor. One Nine Rings. A wardrobe of costumes, look at our stores for more and don't be surprised if new ones are found weekly. WARNING: If you try to sell these costumes, you will be stabbed in the face repeatedly by whatever weapon is handy.
Removing the Sandry unit from her box: Don't try it, she will remove herself. If she doesn't, she is in DEPRESSION mode and will need to have a LIAH, KOOH, XASORA, or RAFAELITO unit coaxe her out.

Your Sandry unit is programmed to do the following.

Doctor: Got cuts and bruises, or missing limbs? Have no fear, for the SANDRY unit is a skilled doctor.
Therapist: Feeling blue? The SANDRY unit is an excellent listener and will rationalize and give advice.
Tutor: Need some homework help? The SANDRY unit is highly intelligent in most areas. WARNING: Do not expose the SANDRY unit to math unless you want her in FRUSTRATED mode.
Babysitter: Have little ones? The SANDRY unit loves kids! She knows how to take care of kids at any age, and will even do diapers. WARNING: Babysitter job will likely result in the SANDRY unit going into CUTENESS mode, telling stories about the little ones and giggles galore.
Cook: Would like a nice meal? The SANDRY unit is an excellent cook and enjoys spending hours in the kitchen.
Blademaster (locked): This mode is only available after heavy exposure to a MJRN or a FADE unit. They will motivate her and she will end up swinging sabers in whatever direction you want. WARNING: Keep the SANDRY unit if you chose Blademaster, away from any units that make her go into DEPRESSIVE mode. She will go into VIOLENT mode instead, and it won't be pretty.

Your Sandry unit will come in the following modes.
Happy (default)
Curious (default)
Protective (default)
Empathatic (default)
Pervertend (default)
Motherly (default)
Cuteness (default)
Daydreaming (default)
Depressive (locked)
Frustrated (locked)
Violent (locked)
Loving (locked)
Fashionista (locked)
Fangirl (locked)
Closet Time (locked)

The SANDRY unit is usually a cheerful ball of sunshine. She will be all smiles and helpful, doing chores and homework for you. She is natrually curious and will likely pelt you with questions from day one on anything and everything. To improve a SANDRY units mood, it is reccomended to bring in a LIAH, MJRN, KOOH, RAFAELITO, XASORA, FIRENE, FADE (WARNING, the SANDRY units will fight occasionally, resulting in either depressive or violent mode), or, KAKASHI unit. Do NOT expose the Sandry unit to a DOROTHY unit , for it will throw the SANDRY unit into depressive mode. Exposure to a KOOH unit will immediatly put your SANDRY unit into protective and motherly mode. To unlock Violent mode, expose the SANDRY unit to a MJRN or a FADE unit, and train her into a blademaster. This will unlock violent mode. The fashionista mode can only be unlocked by exposure to a LIAH or FIRENE unit. Loving mode: It is unknown how to unlock this mode at this point in time, just expose her to many units and see if she finds one to love. The ONLY way to unlock Fangirl mode is to expose the SANDRY unit to the Video Spice! BY Len Kagamine.

Relationships with other units:

KOOH: The SANDRY unit will immediatly dub her 'precious daughter' and go on a misson to find a male unit for the KOOH unit. Do not be alarmed at many strange men in the house, they're not for you. Don't try to take them unless you want a syringe or saber where it hurts. Do NOT hurt the KOOH unit, for the SANDRY unit will hear of it and take revenge.

LIAH: The SANDRY units sister. These units get along well most the time. There will be much giggling and daydreaming mode, and talk of bear weddings.

MJRN: The SANDRY units mother. Exposure to a MJRN unit will result in many silly conversations and much pervertendness. Can also unlock Blademaster mode, and will bring out the SANDRY units curious mode, for the MJRN unit is very intelligent.

RAFAELITO: The SANDRY units best friend. The RAFAELITO unit will lead the SANDRY unit into perverted mode, especially when coupled with the XASORA unit. There may be screams of insults, do not worry, this is an expression of love.

XASORA: The SANDRY units female best friend. Exposure to this unit leads to the perverted, empathatic and occasional fashinista modes. When coupled with the RAFAELITO unit, stay out of the way. The XASORA unit may also unlock Closet Time mode, but ONLY with the absence of a RAFAELITO unit.

FADE: The SANDRY units brother. The FADE unit will unlock Blademaster for the SANDRY unit. Will also result in protective mode and violent mode. Do NOT harm the FADE unit in front of a SANDRY unit unless you want to be cut to ribbons.

FIRENE: The SANDRY units sister-in law, and good friend. Exposure to a FIRENE unit will result in Fashionista mode, and trading of costumes. Will Also result in Empathatic and perverted modes.

KAKASHI: The SANDRY units 'husband.' Will bring the SANDRY unit into perverted mode and curious mode, as the KAKASHI unit is intelligent in game wise. Will result in light insults being traded, but have no fear, this is normal.

Your SANDRY unit is fully able to clean herself. Do NOT try to help. You may send in a FIRENE unit to help with 'Shower Time' though. No cameras or you will have two units locked in ANGRY mode, and possible three if a FADE unit finds out.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Help! My SANDRY unit is in depressive mode and won't come out of it? What do I do?
A) Do you have any other units? If not, the unit is lonely. Buy another unit, preferrably one listed above. Do NOT buy a KAZAA unit unless you have plenty of other units, for the depressive mode will get worse.

Q) My SANDRY unit keeps trying to shoot me with a bow and arrows! What do I do?
A) Sorry, you were sent a MINATO unit by mistake. The MINATO unit looks alot like the SANDRY unit. Please send her back and we will send you a SANDRY unit.

Q) My SANDRY unit won't come out of daydream mode, what do I do?
A) Your SANDRY unit is probably thinking about the future or a lover, expose her to a RAFAELITO unit to pull her back to reality.

Q) My SANDRY unit keeps attacking men, and I'ma man, help please!
A) Your SANDRY unit is having an I hate men phase, expose her to a RAFAELITO unit.

Q) My SANDRY unit keeps replaying this song with a video that shows a promiscuous man and many women! What do I do to make her stop?
A) Your SANDRY unit has found Spice! She is in fangirl mode. Either put her with a KOOH or XASORA unit to get the fangirling out of her system (for now) Or reset her system.
With love and care, your SANDRY unit will grow to be a happy and sweet member of your family! Watch out for her weapons, and don't touch her clothes and all will be well.

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Post  Kakashi on Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:08 pm

Basic Information.
Name: Kakashi.(He will repond to kaka, kaki, sexy kaki
Age: 21
Weight: 200-ish
Height: 5'9"
Your Kakashi unit will come with the following:
one True vamp Blade,one DG light armor, one pimp costume, one throng. other costumes need to buy and give to kakashi to wear.
Removing the Kakashi unit from her box: Find the nearest female to remove kakashi from box, they maybe some poking during the un-boxing and your underwear may get missing.

Your Kakashi unit is programmed to do the following.

Doctor:Need to know your Breasts size, is something wrong with your uterus. Have no fear kakashi will check and check again if everything is ok or you better go to the doctor.
Cook: Kakashi can cook rice, bean, ribs, pork chop, mac and cheese and so on, 5 days a week, he will not cook on weekends so better get take out.
Tanker: Need a meatshield, someone so take the mob hiting, girlfriend B*****ing, and guys trying to touch you. the kakashi unit will hold that mob F**K your girlfriend and pimp slap those guys.
Lover(female only):Need some loving, someone to hold, to talk to, Kakashi unit will be your ear, hold you and tell you everything be ok. And if you need a licking well more info with unit.

Your Kakashi unit will come in the following modes.
Happy (default)
Curious (default)
Protective (default)
Empathatic (locked)
Pervertend (default)
fatherly (default)
Cuteness (locked)
Daydreaming (default)
Depressive (locked)
Frustrated (locked)
Violent (locked)
Loving (default)
Fashionista (locked)
Fanboy (locked)

The Kakashi unit, the man of men sexy, strong, and the best sex toy you will ever have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your uterus have problems(maybe got too big and look like a cave that a person can sleep in).
Q&A later on.

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Post  Firene on Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:26 am

Basic Information.
Name: Firene [Fee-Ren-Nay] (Responds on whim to Fi, Fifi, Fiffers, Princess, and Your Highness)
WARNING - Mispronunciation of the Firene unit's name will result in severe beatings!
Age: 19
Weight: ....Q_Q
Height: 5'3"
Your Firene unit will come with the following:
One set of each Double-Gold Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Robes, and Clothing. Her favorite Double Gold True Platinum Needle, True Black-Wyrm Wand, and Ultimate Bow are also included, but like a barbie doll, many of her best items come sold serpately. She also comes with enough costumes, head pieces, wings, accessories, and costume trunks to clothe a small army. Attempts to take ANY of her clothing will result in Fi going into BITCH mode until her clothing is returned.
Removing the Firene unit from her box: Roll out a red carpet, make a small puddle at the end. After she walks down the red carpet, pick her up [Yourself or a handsome gentleman] and carry her over the puddle. Failure to carry her over the puddle will result in her automatically filing you under dislike in her memory bank.
Optional: Lie down in the puddle and let her walk over you

Your Firene unit is programmed to do the following.

Psychologist: Daddy beat you as a child? Feel like you're going to be a depressive sociopath for the hell of it? Dr. Fi is here to help! She'll listen to your problems, sort them out and maybe even prescribe you happy pills! Hooray!
Masseuse: Your Firene unit comes certified in massage therapy, so if you ever need a good rub down she'll be happy to help. Abuse of this feature may cause her to become exhausted and shut down for a power nap for a few hours.
Housewife: House a pigsty? Tired of eating McDonalds every night? That's okay, you have a Firene unit now! She loves homey, basic tasks like cleaning, cooking and sewing. However, she won't do windows.
Sarcastic Genius: What was that? You can't figure out basic quantum theory? Don't make me laugh. But the Firene unit can and probably will - as she does all your homework and makes you look like you know absolutely nothing! This feature is not useful for projects, the Firene unit hates projects.
Sly Foxeh Lover: The Firene unit comes with a 100% guarantee for amazing cuddles and coy flirtatiousness. Sometimes her smex drive goes a little out of control though which can cause fatigue, dry mouth and contortion into odd positions for the owner. It is also rumored that men using this feature will cause a FADE unit locked into FUUUUUUUUUU-RAGEEEE mode to break through the ceiling, kill the owner and steal the Firene unit. This is not confirmed. Female owners seem to be okay.
Video Game Connoisseur: Big brother won't play video games with you? That's okay because the Firene unit is programmed to kick your ass every time at any video game besides first person shooters. She also refuses to play most scary games. Attempting to make her play scary games will send the Firene unit into QQ mode.
RPG Fi: The Firene unit is able to do any job in your quest you might need, including but not limited to docing, musing, debuffing, dpsing, skill spamming, tanking, scouting, and just plain looking pretty. The Firene unit will not power level upon requests unless you're filed under "loves" in her memory bank.

Your Firene unit will come in the following modes.

Loving (Default)
Sarcastic (Default)
Flirtatious (Default)
Stubborn (Default)
Charming (Default)
Sympathetic (Default)
Artistic/Creative (Default)
Fashion-Conscious (Default)
Territorial (Default)
Comedic (Default)
Easily Excitable (Default)
Perverted (Default)
Day-Dreaming (Default)
Tired (Default)
Sick (Randomly triggers at inconvenient times)
Nymphomaniac (Randomly triggers at inconvenient times)
Depressed (Locked)
Rage (Locked)
Shy (Locked)
QQ (Locked)
Feral (Locked)
Catty (Locked)
Hunt (Locked)
Madly In Love (Locked)

The FIRENE unit oozes charm into those she meets, male or female, and grabs a hold of them with her magnetic personality like static cling. She's not a unit for the weak of heart as she may cause fights with her stubbornness and inability to let herself be wrong. She likes to pretend she's strong and independent, but really needs as much love and care and is as vulnerable as any other unit. Enough love and trust and your FIRENE unit will prove to be a valuable partner in many ways. Because she's mainly a support unit, she works best with any strong attack unit. And yes, those fox ears and the tail ARE real. The owner may pet them, but do not attempt to pull them, as this will send the FIRENE unit into RAGE mode.

Relationships with other units:

FADE: When the FADE unit is around, the FIRENE unit will immediately drop whatever she's doing and ignore all commands from her master to spend time with the FADE unit. A FADE unit is the only thing capable of unlocking the FIRENE units MADLY IN LOVE persona and you'll find that saying bad things about a FADE unit will send the FIRENE unit into RAGE mode. However, the FIRENE and FADE unit work best together, and it's said that no FIRENE unit is complete without a FADE.

SANDRY: When a FIRENE and SANDRY unit meet, a new special action called SHOWER TIME may occure between the two units resulting in smexiness, nosebleeds and peeping ZIPPO and KAKASHI units. The two work well together as the ultimate support duo, and enjoy swapping clothing, gossip and sharing memories from the DEPRESSION and RAGE memory banks.

KAKASHI: The KAKASHI is the FIRENE's brother unit though asking the KAKASHI unit about may send him into DENIAL mode. However a KAKASHI and a FIRENE unit will inevitably take over the world some day with their unstoppable power and awesomeness. It is rumored a FIRENE unit can unlock a KAKASHI unit's TALK mode by repeated poking and asking of market prices.

LUVIN: The FIRENE and LUVIN units get along fairly well. However when left alone too long you may return to find them in DRUNKEN STUPOR mode telling each other stories they were both around for. To counter DRUNKEN STUPOR mode, speak slowly and calmly to the FIRENE unit, as her EASILY EXCITABLE mode will be hypersensitive and put her to bed.

SHIORIN: When paired with a SHIORIN unit, the FIRENE unit may be found baking cupcakes, baking cake, baking cookies, playing Pokemon or running around doing very silly things. The FIRENE unit is protective of the SHIORIN unit and will go into HUNT mode if someone hurts the SHIORIN unit.

The FIRENE unit has three modes for cleaning, SELF-CLEAN, in which she will take care of herself, BUBBLE BATH, in which she will draw up a nice bubble bath for herself and a significant other and the previously mentioned SHOWER TIME, which is only unlocked when a SANDRY unit is around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Wtf! My Firene unit is naked and refuses to put clothing on! What do I do?!
A.) Don't worry, this is perfectly natural. Sometimes the FIRENE unit prefers to go without her clothing, especially on sexy Tuesdays. Let her be, or else she'll go into RAGE mode and explain how she's the original Nekkid Knight.

Q.) Me and my FIRENE unit argue a lot! I can't get her to love me again even by bringing her chocolate, flowers, and expensive things! Why is that?
A.) The FIRENE unit is a very stubborn unit capable of holding a grudge for a week or longer. Simply apologize to her and give her a hug and she should come around.

Q.) Oh God! My FIRENE and FADE units are fighting! Help!!
A.) There is no help for this. Find the nearest bed to hide under and let them duke it out. Eventually they'll stop, go fume in separate sections of the house then come back apologize, and go back into LOVING mode.

Q.) My FIRENE is rapidly shifting from EASILY EXCITABLE, NYMPHOMANIAC and COMEDIC to DEPRESSIVE, RAGE, and QQ. How can I make this stop?
A.) This is an unknown malfunction in the FIRENE unit presumably caused by the 2-P virus in her system. Try to get her to go into SLEEP mode. If this is not successful wait for the shifting to subside.

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